9–11 December 2024


2019 Edition Details

Welcome to ResidHydroTreat 2019

Hashem Sayed Hashem, CEO KPC

The coming few years are offering quite a few challenges to our industry with energy demand, IMO Bunker sulphur cap of 0.5% right around the corner, more stringent emission and growth in chemicals market that require quality feedstocks at cheaper cost.

Here, residue hydrotreating plays an important role in pretreating of conversion feedstocks from heavier crudes to RFCC, Hydrocracker and Coker units. It reduces catalyst replacement cost, increases conversion units cycle lengths and improves product yield and refinery economics significantly. Residue Hydrotreating dampens the impact of variations in crude quality on downstream conversion units and thus improving the reliability of the complex.

It is emerging as one of the necessities in any Refinery configuration from earlier “good to have” position.

However, residue processing has unique challenges due to the presence of high CCR, Metals and Asphaltenes. Licensors, Technology providers and Catalyst manufacturers are working diligently to improve the unit and catalyst performance.

ResidHydroTreat in its second edition facilitates the largest and unique platform for Licensors, End users, Technology and Catalyst providers to exchange experience, share ideas and success stories.

This year also shines a spotlight on young professional networking.

Hashem Sayed Hashem





80+Participating companies

1Refinery Visit

Event Highlights

  • Interact with Top Leaders in the Oil Sector
  • Refinery Case Studies and Project Updates
  • Exhibition Showcase
  • Licensor Breakout Sessions (for End-users)
  • Al Zour Refinery Site Visit

Key Topics

  • Trends in Residue Hydrotreating
  • Best Practices in Operations & Unit Monitoring
  • Case Studies in Process
  • Troubleshooting/Improvement
  • Catalyst Improvements and Innovations
  • Advances in Residue Processing Technologies
  • Feedstock & Catalyst Management
  • Reactor Internals
  • Best Adopted Inspection and Maintenance Practices Unit Start-ups/Emergency Handling
  • Service & Solution Providers - innovations & best practices

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Should your company be interested in having a higher profile at the event, a variety of options for sponsors and exhibitors is available.

Should your company be interested in having a higher profile at the event, a variety of options for sponsors and exhibitors is available.

Keynote Presenters

Advisory Board

ResidHydroTreat Symposium Moderator

Süleyman Özmen

Senior Consultant

3P18 Independent Consultants LLC

Few people exhibit as much passion for the downstream industry as Süleyman. In recent years, he has become known for his “Three Pentagon Model”, which provides the refining and petrochemical industry with a road map for their improvement plans and investment options. Süleyman packs in over 45 years of sector experience along with numerous qualifications, patents and technical papers.

Young and Seasoned Professionals Panel Debate

Young professionals and experts coming together to discuss their journey and experience in the downstream industry. The debate will provide a platform for young professionals and experts (with Chemical Engineering backgrounds) to cover various interesting topics such as training, share advice with one another, do’s and don’ts in their career path, lessons learnt and other exciting discussion points to enlighten the newly joined engineers and their mentors in the downstream industry.

The session will include Young Professional Awards.

Young Professionals

Seasoned Professionals

Symposium Agenda


Event Organiser

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Kuwait National Petroleum Company [KNPC] has appointed Euro Petroleum Consultants as the organiser of ResidHydroTreat 2019

For all enquiries relating to the event, please contact:

Euro Petroleum Consultants
ResidHydrotreat Project Manager:
Ms Svetlana Kudasheva
+971 (0) 4 421 4642